Z gets ready

The drawing room is looking strangely bare.  It still has a cabinet, a bureau, a revolving bookcase, a sofa, two armchairs, four tables, a television, a computer and two lamps, but I have carried (or dragged) the rest of the furniture into the music room, as we’ve now named the first dining room*, to clear as much space as possible because I’m having the carpet cleaned tomorrow morning.

The offer is to wash two carpets for £19.  I’ve explained that the rooms are quite large, but that’s still the price.  I know, of course, that I’ll be offered stainguarding and so on, for extra money, but frankly, it’ll be money wasted.  The way mud is tramped into this house, it overwhelms any protection of that sort.  Besides, I’m thinking of replacing this ancient carpet before too long.

I sleep far better nowadays than I have been, but last night was an exception.  I woke soon after 2 am and was awake for several hours.  I listened to David Sedaris, Peter Wimsey, Brain of Britain and Round the Horne, I read most of a book, I played quite a few games of virtual cards and a number of rounds of QuizUp.  It was quite nice really.  When I was a bit cold I turned the electric blanket on for a while.  Eventually, I snuggled back down again and slept dreamlessly for another couple of hours.  I did have something on my mind that wouldn’t let me settle for ages, I had to drive it away with fiction.  And it was an easy day, except for the furniture shifting.  In fact, I didn’t put on my face nor my lens in.  I only remembered I hadn’t brushed my hair as I shambled into the supermarket to buy vegetables.  It really is a nuisance, not having a greengrocer in town – except the good news is that Russell says there’s a sign on a shop by the Buttercross to say that a new one is opening soon.  Well, I’ll be a frequent and appreciative customer.

*Since it houses Russell’s gramophone and polyphon and my pianola and clarinet, and frees up a name for the second dining room, which really can’t be called the new room much longer, after some 22 years, I bear with the pretentiousness.



3 comments on “Z gets ready

  1. sablonneuse

    It sounds as though whatever is on your mind is really troubling you. I hope you resolve the problem quickly.
    Sleepless nights are no fun – though I must say you seemed to make the most of yours!

  2. nick

    We have one or two carpets that are overdue for a good clean, but the thought of moving all the furniture and then moving it all back again is too daunting.

    I hope you manage to sort out whatever is on your mind and catch up on your beauty sleep….

    Round the Horne – goodness, that takes me back.

  3. Z Post author

    I’ve processed it, thanks. One gets better at this sort of thing, on and off.

    Radio 4 and 4 extra are a sleepless Z’s best friend! I left the big items and they were shifted back and forth, just moved – well, I moved the stuff I could do by myself.


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