Such a Granny

… which is how I described myself to someone a while ago.  Whatever else I’ll be or do for the rest of my life, I’d love to be remembered as an adoring granny.  I’m incredibly lucky to live near enough to my family to see them regularly.  At the ages the children are now, there are changes every time I see them, particularly with the youngest two, whose speech and personality development is endlessly interesting every time I see them.

I’ll have Al and Dilly’s three here tomorrow morning and am looking forward to it very much.  I am not yet sure what we’ll do – maybe some cooking or painting.  The older two like board games, but Hay is a bit young for them.  I’m sure the piano will be played at some point.

Tomorrow will be four weeks since I had a manicure and there have only been three minor nail breakages since.  I’m foolish to be hopeful, I know – but I’m quite sensible enough in most of what I do, so a bit of wild optimism won’t do any harm.

I had a very sensible letter to write this afternoon, which I finally sent off, after several revisions, a little while ago.  It was about church finance and administrative matters – oh my word, how ineffably dull I am.  I managed to extricate myself from it all, but I’ve been drawn in again to an extent.  I shall try very hard to stay balanced on the edge of that slippery slope until I can draw back to a safer distance.

Weeza has mentioned that Sunday 15th June is Fathers’ Day, so Saturday 14th would suit them better for a party here.  So I’ve put it in my diary and, unless a lot of people can’t make it, that’s when it will be.  No wonder I’m feeling so cheerful.

9 comments on “Such a Granny

  1. nick

    Father’s Day passes me by as I’m not a father. Perhaps it’s time for Brother’s Day and Son’s Day (and of course Sister’s Day and Daughter’s Day).

    Three nail breakages? Goodness, what have you been up to? Bricklaying? 🙂

    1. sarah

      Because I will never be a mum (lifestyle choice, no medical reason that I am aware of), my mum has now taken to buying me sweets on mother’s day because “otherwise I will never get a present”

  2. Z Post author

    They tried to institute Grandmothers’ Day, but it never got off the ground, quite rightly. Being a grandparent is such a privilege, one doesn’t need recognition.

    Stroppy Old Farts’ Day is something else – you can all join me there when you feel old enough.

    Dropping clangers, laying bricks, treading a delicate path, grasping the nettle, all take their toll, Nick!


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