Backing up

I have to say, this is getting complicated.  I shall explain…

I have had my iPhone 4S for two years now and in fact my contract was finished a month ago.  I didn’t get around to sorting it out at the end of last year because I was so busy, but I’ve been in to Norwich to do it now.

Ah.  Back up a bit.

Weeza phoned this morning, sounding a bit woebegone.

Ah.  Back up a bit.

I missed her call because the carpet cleaners arrived, so I texted her to tell her I’d ring back.  The carpets are cleaned and I’m very pleased.  A massive bargain at £19 for a 12’x9′ washed Chinese rug and an 18’x20′ fitted carpet.  Plus £2 tip, which felt a bit less than generous under the circumstances, but it was what I had in my little red wallet.

Anyway, Weeza was a bit down, so I suggested a bit of a girly fling, mum’s treat.  And that perked her up for a start.  So I asked Russell if he’d like to come with us and he would, so we set off – but we’d barely got to the end of the drive when he remembered an appointment an hour and a half later, with someone who needed to choose a grave plot for his wife.  Thank goodness he did remember, that would have been awful to have missed.  So I had to leave him behind, with the suggestion we go out tomorrow instead.

We met at the Apple Store.  And darlings, I have my shiny new iPhone 5S and am very happy.  And I’ve spent quite a long time on iTunes transferring things from one phone to another.  And that’s the complicated part.  You see, there are now three iPhones in the family.  The first one was given to Russell when I bought the second and now that’s been passed on to him in its turn.  But all of them were bought by me so are all in my name, and when transferring data, one is faced with Z.. S…..’s IPhone, with nothing to indicate which is which.

Anyway, all is done, after a few hours.  And the rest of the time in Norwich was spent having lunch, where Gus was a cheerful little darling who ate up nicely, and shopping for clothes for Weeza, where he was perfectly well-behaved and completely good humoured as we waited for her to try things on.  And I’m here to testify that she can comfortably get into size 6.  She bought the next size in fact, because she felt the jeans might not be completely kind (go up a size is often good advice, rarely taken, but she decided that for herself), but – blimey, darlings, size 6 (size 2 if you’re American).  She hasn’t dieted, she’s just busy.

i should back up a bit one more time, right to the start.  I slept so well last night that I only woke up a couple of minutes before the radio turned off (it’s on for an hour, from 7.15).  And I toddled along to the bathroom and then thought – ahh, let’s check emails and the news from bed, and then let’s look at Scrabble.  And while I was considering my options there, I zonked out again and didn’t wake up until nearly 10 o’clock.  Eek!  I dressed and scurried around getting the bedroom ready for the rug to be cleaned, but thought it was fine as they were due at 10.30.  They arrived at 10.05!  How fortunate that I’d got things ready last night or I’d have felt quite the fool.

3 comments on “Backing up

  1. Pontillius

    I also can’t out of bed in the mornings. It’s all due to my back. . . . . . . . I don’t like getting off it!

    Like you I switch the computer on and check my Yahoo mail. Nothing. Then I check my gmail. Nothing, Read the news. Same as yesterday, “Slim mother-of-four devours 72oz steak in less than 3 MINUTES”. . . . That’s the headlines? Switch off. Go back to bed. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  2. Z Post author

    Pontillius, welcome – and I like the idea of getting up early, it’s just so much nicer in bed, especially at this time of year.

    Maybe we should get Russell playing Scrabble too, Rog.


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