Z gets quite het up

Well, darlings, the day has been trying. I felt quite desperately anxious for a while. But I so feel for poor LT, who has to watch me all the time. It’s not easy, living with me, you know.

It started okay, after a slight hiccup when Tim woke with a start, thinking he could hear Eloise crying. Luckily I was already awake and knew it was a dove calling down the chimney. She – Eloise – had a good night and I put her painkiller on her breakfast pouch of meat, and that was fine.

I have sold a piece of china left from the last auction – most of it had been returned to the owners, but I had a few pieces left to sell next time, and this was one of them. A woman had contacted me from America, very keen to buy it and I had checked the postage price and she paid me yesterday; so I wanted to send it today. Tim had a bit of shopping to do because he’s making his famous leek quiche for the party, and I had some papers to sign and send back to my sister. So I packed up the china and signed the papers, Tim dropped me off at the post office and went to do the shopping and arranged to fetch me afterwards.

So far, so good, but that’s when it started to go awry. The box I’d packed the china in was one centimetre too big, one way. If it went to the next size, it would cost £58 (or something like that) rather than £16. So I took it back to put in a slightly smaller box. On the way home, we called in at the fishmonger for dressed crabs, because that’s Eloise cat’s favourite food. When we got home, we found that she’d been pulling at the dressing covering her wound and it was partly exposed. We tried putting on the plastic collar provided, but it was hopeless – it jutted way past her face, she wouldn’t have been able to eat or drink and it terrified her. She was trying to scramble up the bars of her cage. So I went off to ask advice from the vets – but on the way, I thought the pet shop would be a better place. We hadn’t bought one of the soft collars that Kippy recommended, but I thought they’d have them there.

People don’t necessarily drive with any consideration, do they. In the road where the pet shop is, there are three parking spaces. The back one was unoccupied, but the estate car in the middle had parked so badly that there was only half a space left. Frankly, darlings, I was anxious and stressed and past caring very much, and parked to block someone in a driveway (though it was likely to be okay, as it was the driveway to the local caff and probably it was the cook’s car, and they’d be there for a couple more hours). The woman at the pet shop tried to help, but all their collars were too big or too small. So I went to the chemist and bought tape to keep the dressing on, instead. There was no irate person hemmed in by my bad parking fortunately. I’d have apologised profusely and quite possibly cried with remorse, which would probably have got me off the hook.

On the way home, someone opened his car door just as I was driving past, but luckily I was well out in the road and a minor swerve missed him. Then, another guy who was waiting for me suddenly moved forward when there wasn’t room, so we both had to brake and carefully manoeuvre when that shouldn’t have been necessary. Then, in our road, which is fairly narrow but quite wide enough for two cars, the oncoming car was bang in the middle of the road so that I had to stop, and I wondered if he’d actually hit me. He noticed in the end and moved over so that driving up the bank was enough. I can only think the sunshine has addled people’s brains.

We taped up Eloise’s leg, but she soon tore the tape off again. So I phoned the vet and a nurse was able to fit us in. Eloise had been in enough pain to rather lacerate my neck, though it was completely accidental, but she wore her halo when Jenny patched her up. However, within ten minutes she’d got the dressing off again and we gave up. It seems to be that which annoys her, she hasn’t bothered the wound. We did manage to measure her head and I’ve ordered a soft collar for her, but the nurse is doubtful that it’ll stop her licking if she’s persistent, as cats are so agile and can reach past most obstacles.

I repacked the china, but I couldn’t find the packing tape. I’d bought two new rolls at the Factory Shop and put them in my bag, and I took them out when I went off to the vet. I’ve no idea where I put them. I already had mislaid Eloise’s cat harness and finally found it in my bag, but I certainly had removed the sticky tape. It wasn’t worth searching for more time than it took to look in all possible places three times, so I packed the china, went and bought more tape, and finally posted the china.

Things started to look up after that. Eloise tore her new dressing off again, but she hasn’t bothered the wound. I went and spent 40 minutes or so in the greenhouse, potting up tomatoes and other plants. The chickens went to bed, though the sun was still shining, because they’re really quite good natured. Lovely Tim cooked dinner. Eloise wanted a cuddle and, for the first time, didn’t struggle to get down. I still haven’t found the tape, but I no longer care. Dinner was delicious and we seem to have drunk all the wine. Whoops. Tim is going to make Famous Leek Quiche tomorrow while I’m out for lunch with girlfriends. Oh, and Eloise loved the crab for her lunch. I’m limiting the food she’s allowed, as she would easily put on weight while she’s shut up, but I weigh it and leave an allowance for the odd treat.

I had possibly the cheapest vet bill I’ll ever have. Jenny provided us with four extra plasters and we were charged £3.31.

4 comments on “Z gets quite het up

  1. Blue Witch

    I’m guessing that she’s bored and that pulling at the dressing is all she has to do? Not sure what the answer is, mind!

    And as for others’ driving these days… roll on self-driving electric pods!

  2. Sarah

    I agree with you about the weather and driving. I go to work (in London) on my moped and yesterday was a very scary journey – cars right on my tail, pulling out in front of me, trying to race me at traffic lights (stupid really, I always let them go, confident that I will pass them later on in a traffic queue, cars on the wrong side of the road) etc. Ususally there’s one or two stupid incidents a journey but this time it was non stop. I, too, came to the conclusion it was the sun and have (for my own safety) decided to give everyone a week to get over the sunshine excitement and am back on the tube for that time.

  3. Martina and Kippy

    Caring for pets post op can be very stressful at first. I wonder if getting a child’s sock and cutting the toe out and putting it like a leg warmer over Eloise’s bandage (taping it at top and bottom) might slow down her fussing. Cats are always a challenge. They don’t listen and generally obey like dogs.

  4. Z Post author

    She pulled off the dressing but she isn’t bothering the wound too much, so we’re just keeping an eye on her. We put the new collar on her and she was happy with it, but got bored after a while and pulled it off – I could put it on tighter, but she’s all right for now.


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