All is back where it should be, though Eloise cat doesn’t think so. Tim arrived home for a late lunch and we left for the vet’s at a quarter to four this afternoon. We left with just enough time, which feels late to me, but it was my misjudgement that was responsible. I made yoghurt and bread today – this works quite well as I put the milk on to boil, weigh out the bread ingredients, start that off in the mixer, take the hot milk off, add the seeds to the dough while the milk cools, put it to prove and then clear up and add the yoghurt starter to the milk, then put it in the Thermos – all in twenty minutes or so. I set a timer for three hours for the dough to prove, and that was my mistake. Anything over two hours is adequate and I hadn’t realised that I was cutting it fine. As it was, the second rise in the loaf tin had to be cut by five minutes and the cooking time by two, to give an hour to make a 57 minute journey. I really don’t like to be late, as you can tell.

When we’d been on our way for a few minutes, the satnav announced that there was a hold-up ahead and it was diverting. It didn’t explain where the hold-up was, though. We got down the A140 and, just before we should have joined the A14, it directed us down a side road. It was delightful. I guess that it cut out a few miles in distance, since it was certainly slower in terms of speed, but it went through lovely countryside and pretty villages. Presumably there was a delay on the A14 or on the approach to Ipswich – we arrived a comfortable two minutes early, and there’s always a wait anyway because they build that into the appointment system. It was such a pleasant route that we came back that way too and I’ll use it next time as well.

Poor little Eloise has a shaven back leg with a plaster on, but the operation was a success and she now has a nylon prosthetic ligament. The ligaments at the sides are okay and so is the other knee. The joint was badly dislocated and the vet had some difficulty in getting everything into the right place, but it’s firmly in situ now. Eloise isn’t thrilled at being shut in, but she’s all right and has eaten and drunk. She found it hard to climb into her litter tray, so I removed it and put in a shallower tray. I just took her out for a cuddle, but she wanted to jump down and so I didn’t keep her out for long.

We have an appointment in four weeks and possibly after that she might have limited freedom. We’d been told she’d be in her cage for three months but the vet says it might be nearer six weeks, which would be good, even if she has to stay in the house after that for a few more weeks. At least she’s home and well.

4 comments on “Home

  1. Martina

    Humans seem to heal faster once they get home from the hospital. I hope the same is true for Eloise cat.

  2. Blue Witch

    If only human operations could be arranged and carried out as quickly as animals’. Glad to hear all went well.


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