Raising a glass to Rose on her birthday

Eloise cat is doing very well. Her wound is starting to heal, she occasionally licks it but stops when told and she just wants lots of cuddles now. She has learnt that, if she starts to get restless when we’re holding her, she’ll get put back in her cage. The soft collar is really good, but I don’t want to put it too tight, and a cat’s neck isn’t much narrower than its head, so she can claw it off if she wants to. It’s certainly much better than the plastic Collar of Shame.

The blog party is tomorrow – we’re all set. We went through today’s to-do list pretty briskly, in fact. Not that hoovering was involved, but we’re good with food and drink.

Rose probably won’t be here, but it’s her birthday so we’re drinking a toast to her this evening.

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