Z finishes the game of bowls and beats the Spaniards too (no offence meant, dear Spaniards)

I’ve got everything done that I meant to today, to my surprise.  I’ve cleaned the house, changed the beds, laid the table, cleared out the grate, remembered to put out the newspaper delivery man’s Christmas tip (he arrived soon after 7 am, so that was good), played the organ at the carol service and sorted out the presents, which Wink and Charlotte wrapped for me.  I’ve done a time plan for the morning – actually, that’s just a note of when the beef, parsnips, potatoes and Yorkshire pudding go in the oven and when the pudding goes on, the rest will just get done.  I’ve done all this for so long that I don’t need chapter and verse any more.

I know it’s going to be an ordeal at various times, I’ve had moments today of feeling intensely alone, but I’ve been too busy to dwell on them and the satisfaction of getting everything done has eased the way.  All the same, I won’t do the traditional (twice?) Christmas video this year.  I don’t really know what to say, except send you all my love and very best wishes for a wonderful Christmas.  And I’ve said that now already.

6 comments on “Z finishes the game of bowls and beats the Spaniards too (no offence meant, dear Spaniards)

  1. nick

    I hope you enjoy your Christmas Day and don’t feel too bereft. As you say, it helps to have lots to do and to have plenty of company.

  2. LZM

    A little bit of snow fell last night to perhaps fulfill someone else’s wish. I’ve had quite enough white Christmas’s myself and am just as happy to see the stuff melting as I write. Merry Christmas with love. LZM

  3. Z Post author

    Thank you, darlings. All went well and Wink and Charlotte did all the clearing up – and the vegetable preparation. Wink has been fantastic, she’s worked so hard.
    And tonight I can’t sleep. Nearly 4 am now and I’m still awake, so i’ve given up and come downstairs.


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