Z’s chicks have returned to the nest

Ronan phoned tonight, which was lovely.  he and Dora had a wonderful honeymoon but a shitty journey back, starting with a long delay at Bangkok airport and ending with their luggage not having arrived at Heathrow.  It wasn’t so much lost as some baggage handler didn’t bother to put it on the plane.  It’ll be returned in due course, apparently.

A couple more things are due to arrive tomorrow, otherwise I’ve got all presents.  I haven’t iced the cake and can’t do so until I’ve got around to buying ground almonds and eggs.  The chickens aren’t laying at present, though I suppose I might find an egg tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I shall change bedding, clean the house, ice the cake, wrap the presents and probably prepare some veg.  I’ll also run through the carols for the service in the evening.  I can’t find it all a lot of bother, it all happens on time and one is always ready, so there’s never any need to fuss.  Or so I tell myself repeatedly until I’m convinced, anyway.

What I didn’t manage was writing Christmas cards.  I’m sorry, darlings, especially those of you who kindly sent one to me. I even bought them – but I couldn’t do the writing.  I’ll try again next year.

I had a beautiful bunch of flowers sent to me, which was a most welcome surprise.  Ghastly as this year has been in so many ways, I have some lovely moments to remember.

7 comments on “Z’s chicks have returned to the nest

  1. Liz

    Ah the joys of overseas travel; poor old Ro and Dora. My brother and his wife had a winter wedding and went to Lapland on their first honeymoon (they had a 2nd one the following summer). They too had luggage issues on their return journey, or as my brother put it, “the luggage enjoyed the holiday so much that it decided to stay an extra day.” It did all turn up a few days later.

    Merry Christmas to all at the Zeddery.

  2. allotmentqueen

    Have a lovely Christmas Day. I know you’ve got a lovely family that will sweep you through the day, but take care in the evening when they’ve all gone. Your online friends are still there.

  3. Z Post author

    My sister, Charlotte, Weeza and co and possibly Ro and Dora are staying the night, and Wink is staying a couple of nights more so, by the time I’m alone again, I’ll probably be glad of the peace! Thank you all xxxx


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