Z eats an omelette

I turned on the old Z charm this evening and had the chap on the other end of the phone chortling in appreciative amusement.  Nice to know I can still entertain, once in a while.

The day started early because I didn’t really sleep, which meant I was ready for a nap by 3 this afternoon.  I didn’t take one, though.  I confidently expect to sleep soundly tonight instead.  First engagement was the Remembrance Day assembly at school, then straight into two meetings, then home for a couple of hours and back again for another meeting.  I’m not even working hardest of the governors now, not by some way.  I’m winding right down, ready for retirement next summer.

After my extravagant scallops on Monday, I went for the simple option tonight and had a lovely masala omelette, with red onion, red chilli and the last of the tomatoes from the greenhouse, with some mushrooms and a few chips.  My friend Jan phoned just as I’d put it all on the plate.  I couldn’t tell her, she’d have been hurt, so I ate very quietly.

The man who bought the contents of outbuildings has been shifting stuff again, thank goodness, and I remembered that I’d meant to mention the weights from the long case clocks, all three of them, which Russell removed for, I’m sure, perfectly good reasons and then forgot where he put them (several years previously, that is, his memory wasn’t bad normally).  I’ve pretty well run out of places to look in the house and haven’t turned them up in outbuildings either, so I phoned Tony to say, if he came across them, it’d be a great relief to me.  And that reminded me of my mother’s Dutch wall clock with the painted dial that I’m very fond of, but which has been lying on its back ever since it was removed from the annexe.  So I finally did what I should have done ages ago, and have asked our good blog friend Mike to come and sort it out for me.  He and Ann are coming to lunch next Friday, which makes me very happy.

I just have to decide where the clock is to hang.

4 comments on “Z eats an omelette

  1. Kipper

    Wish Mike could come by and take care of the tall case clock my Dad built. Are you going to have all of the clocks wound and chiming eventually?

  2. PixieMum

    As I read this I looked up to see the clock that Mike sorted out for us. We brought it with us to Z’s party, two or three months later Mike and Ann delivered it to our home when they were visiting their Chiswick family.

    Delighted to say the clock is going very well, good strong chimes too, my aim is to have both our chiming clocks ringing out the hour and half hour together.

  3. Z Post author

    If I find all the weights, it’ll be an excuse (as if it were needed) to invite Mike and Ann over again, won’t it?


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