Z looks at an empty bottle

Not a lot has taken place this evening.  Roses and I dined together.  ‘Nuff said, darlings.  We had a splendid time, anyway.

I’ve got an early meeting tomorrow, sadly, so I need to get some sleep and drum some sense into myself tonight.  Maybe if I printed out the agenda, at least.  Though even that isn’t as straightforward as it looks, because my ‘documents’ and ‘downloads’ folders are all screwed up – that is, they used to be in the order of items added, but when I copied them across from my old computer, they didn’t necessarily come in that order and now there’s no rhyme nor reason and I have to search for stuff.  But there we are, these things are matters to work around, not insurmountable problems and I have found them and printed them and it’s not anything more than a first world problem and a minor one at that.

The first thing tomorrow is the Remembrance Day assembly, so I will have to wear Serious Clothes.  I can do that.  I dress appropriate, when need be,

I need to be out of the house, teeth in and smile painted on, by 8.30 tomorrow and, since I fell asleep after the alarm and woke at disgraceful o’clock today, I prolly should be in bed by now.  Tomorrow, I might have something to tell you about – don’t count on it, darlings.  I truly don’t know myself.

4 comments on “Z looks at an empty bottle

  1. tim

    When entering into an OFSTED inspection, Viv and her friend and colleague Brenda used to exchange glances and say “Eyes and teeth, darling. Eyes and teeth.”

    1. Z Post author

      When Dave and Bex stayed last year, they were often amused at me going out to feed the chickens in elegant dress, make-up – and wellies.


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