A handbag?

We have agreed it puts me one up on the Queen.

i set off yesterday morning, less than half an hour late – indeed, two minutes earlier than my revised departure schedule allowed – and had driven for twenty minutes when I wanted something out of my handbag.  And then I realised I hadn’t put it in the car.  I’d put in a suitcase, a brown paper bag and my boots, but nothing else.

Darlings, I have let go and I am hardly, barely, a self-control freak at all.  I kept driving.  Pfft, I thought. There’s nothing in there that I need, not as long as other people pay for everything for the entire weekend.  And so it will come to pass.

Tomorrow, I’m going to see Zig again and on Sunday I’m meeting Wink for lunch – or rather, we are, for Zig has her daughter in her spare room so lovely Tim is returning the favour of a couple of weeks ago and giving me shelter for a few nights.  And paying for the privilege, as it happens.

He said I’m like the Queen, not carrying any money.  I pointed out that I go rather further.  She carries a handbag, at least.

5 comments on “A handbag?

  1. Sharifa

    i love this, especially thinking of you as the Queen! sadly, here it would be a big fine and a ticket for being stopped while driving and not having my driver’s license in my possession! *yikes* lately, i’ve been carrying around my american passport, as well. *big sigh at the state of my country* xoxoxox

  2. Z Post author

    There’s still a lot of personal liberty, though I can’t help wondering if it will change. We do not need to carry identification, not yet anyway. Im finally starting to accept that it may happen.


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