Z doesn’t care for wind

I’d done so much in the garden over the last couple of weeks, which is just as well because it’s come to a dead halt for several days now. It’s been very windy – not necessarily cold, but unpleasant to work in. It’s a drying wind too, I have had to water the vegetable garden to keep everything alive. At least the fleece has kept the worst of the sun and wind off.

The new fence down the drive is nearly finished. It’s taken ages. I don’t think Neville had taken into account the flint and gravel subsoil, which has made putting in the posts a very tough job. The grass on the Ups and Downs hasn’t really grown though, it’s drying out before it’s got long enough to eat. Humpy’s Meadow, the other side of the beck, is better grazing at present – the fields used to have fencing between them but this has been removed. It’s better in many ways; and certainly looks better, but Jonny can’t put cattle on just one field any more. I’m waffling. Most of you won’t know what I’m talking about. But those of you who visit, it will look lovely when you next come over. I wish we could plan that now, but we continue to make the most of what we do have, rather than fret about what we don’t.

I was, however, tempted to talk about places I’d love to visit, whether again or for the first time. Perhaps. It doesn’t really matter. People matter more, innit.

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