Z does porridge

Last night didn’t quite go as planned, in that, having set the alarm for 5 a.m. and switched off the light about 12.40, we didn’t sleep. Initially, the reason was that the Sage put his arms round me, and a choice between him and sleep is easy to make; however, later I couldn’t sleep at all. He dozed fitfully, but I didn’t. I finally got up, made and ate porridge, cleaned the kitchen, sat and stared at the computer for a while and went to help Al around quarter to 6.

I left to help decorate the church 4 hours later and shambled wearily home after 1.30. I wanted something hot and sustaining to eat, but couldn’t face the cooking…I made another bowl of porridge.

Al confesses he might be flagging a bit later this afternoon, so I’ve said I’ll go in and help close the shop.

I discovered that two of the carols I’m playing tomorrow are really quite tricky. I may have to resort to the clarinet for one of them.

5 comments on “Z does porridge

  1. Z

    Sustaining, porridge. I wonder what I’ll have for dinner?

    Minor skirmishing among the sprout stalks, but it didn’t amount to a duel.

  2. Z

    I haven’t been in one, I didn’t realise – though one of Al’s wholesalers rang a few weeks ago to say they were in stock. Al gets them from a local market gardener – he sells hundreds.

    Do you know how much the supermarkets charge? 😉


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