Z plans her schedule

Yesterday finished early for me. I flagged completely by the evening and gazed helplessly at a fridgeful of leftovers which will need attention to turn into meals. The Sage suggested fish and chips. Good plan.

I sat on the floor by the fire, reluctant to go to the comfortable sofa in case I went to sleep, so I went upstairs instead. We have a 6-foot long bath (mine is 5-foot long, but I only use it for showers as we share bathwater) which accommodates the Sage’s length nicely, but it’s too long for me to lie back and relax in without the risk of slipping underwater. But my back ached, so I stretched out, one toe reaching the enamel, my shoulders against the other end, and lay there steaming gently.

I went to bed, read for a few minutes, and was asleep before 9 o’clock. I slept for 10 hours.

Now I need to hurry. It’s near-freezing fog and I’m not cycling to Yagnub in that – bad for the lungs. I’ll get to church early instead, practise my music, get things ready and, this afternoon, look after the babies so that Dilly can help Al get the shop all ready for tomorrow. In the morning, I’ll go in early again to set up the shop and finish the orders. Then I’ll pick up the ham, buy the Sage’s presents, we’ll set up the tree and I’ll start to get ready for the carol service in the evening.

On Friday, most people were writing valedictory posts, because they’ll be far too busy having a good time to write blogs. *Cough* My idea of a good time includes writing blogs. I’ll still be here.

13 comments on “Z plans her schedule

  1. Z

    Oh darling, sorry, I haven’t been here since 5.30. I realise I should have got up earlier and written one then. I did check to see if you had one posted before I went out, but no luck.

  2. luckyzmom

    I am imagining you with your family nestled around a huge lit and decorated tree, a roaring fire in a fireplace nearby and everyone with smiling faces. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!


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