Z does nothing

It’s a lovely day, I should be gardening.  I’m not though, I don’t feel like doing anything much today.  I’ll read the paper, listen to music (the poor Sage must hate what I have on at present, I should put on earphones) and generally chill.  Elle is due to return sometime today, it’ll be fun to have her here again.  Her laptop needed repair and her parents decided it would be better to buy a new one – it was a very old Mac, originally her father’s, then her sister’s, and they knew its days were numbered.  They arranged for one to be delivered here and I took it along to the school on Friday, so she’ll have had the fun of opening it there.  It’s an advance – er – *you know what* present.

Things will be busy here for the next week, though nothing really to talk about, so I thought I might write about my mother for a few posts: her early life, that is, before she was married.  But I’ve checked and I already have, about five years ago.  So now I’m scouting around for a subject.  Any suggestions will be received with thanks.  After all these years, it’s not easy to think of anything new.  Of course, I haven’t known many of you for that long, but there are some from way back and I wouldn’t want to make you think I was being lazy by covering old ground – or not too often, that is.

The main thing happening tomorrow is the operation on my eyelid.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens, I suppose, at any rate.  The little growth under the lid must have got slightly bigger – it looks much the same but I can feel it against my eyeball all the time now, which I only used to do at night in bed, when my eye was a bit dry.  Bah.  It’ll be good to have had it done and I hope it doesn’t leave much of a scar.  If it does – oh well, no matter.  I expect it’ll be fine.

16 comments on “Z does nothing

  1. mig

    Ooh, good luck tomorrow, though of course luck needn’t come into it. Well I hope it goes smoothly and there are no inconvenient moments in the getting there and back.

    Posts? Anything you choose to write about is always a pleasure to read. Not very helpful – sorry.

  2. Blue Witch

    Just repost the last ones on your Mother. No-one will notice and it will take the pressure off a bit.

    Hope the op goes well. Looking forward to the hip-type recount.

    And thank you for not saying the FOTCR™ word 😉

  3. Z

    We’ve got an appointment in Lowestoft in the morning, which isn’t very convenient but there’s so much on for the rest of the week that it was the only possible time. Then we’re coming back here and Dilly will be ready to take me straight off to the hospital. She’ll leave me until I’m ready to come home.

    BW, since you’re one of my blog friends from way back and not many current readers will remember it, I shall do that. Thank you.

  4. Z

    Thanks, darlings. It’ll be good to get it done, I’ve hated this thing for several years but it was only it starting to grow inwards that made me do anything about it.


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