Edboes moves house

Well, the sale was a success, but it exhausted the Sage.  He agrees with me that help is needed.  Further developments in due course.

Ro stayed overnight, which was lovely.  He kept me company, though not at my pace, in whisky drinking last night.  This morning,  I cooked bacon, eggs and tomato and then Ro filled the car with various items, including his guitar and computer, that he hasn’t had room for in Norwich.  Also, and most importantly, Edboes.

As you can see, Edboes is thrilled.  He hasn’t had a ride in a car for at least twenty years, and he’s lived here for twenty-six and a half, nearly, years.  You’d never think he was twenty-eight years old, would you?  For a while, he’s sat next to Bobby the leopard, which has given him something new to think about.

Ro might not forgive me for this, so I’ll remove this tomorrow.  In the meantime, enjoy…

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