Z counts pollen

I coughed lightly throughout the governors’ meeting. The last item under AGM was the guidelines received from the government about what to do in the event of Mexican flu. “Er, sorry,” I said.

Apparently, now, they don’t put up what the pollen count is, but instead what plants are in flower that are likely to cause hay fever. Until a few years ago – well, until my 40s – I never had hay fever. Partly, no doubt, this was because I lived in a seaside town. I thought I’d tracked it down to a rye grass, but we’ve had rain at the time that flowers the last few years so it hasn’t affected me. But the flower they’re warning of at the moment is the oak tree. We have a couple of large oaks on the drive, so it could be that. I took an anti-histamine pill this morning and was fine all day, though I’m a bit affected tonight, so hay fever seems the likely culprit.

This afternoon, I looked after Zerlina while her mother was at the dentist. She’s still employed so still covered by BUPA health insurance, so might as well use it while she can. In the last week, Zerlina has learned to stand upright and, while holding on, take a few steps. She’s an agile crawler and climbs things. She’ll be 9 months old next week – Weeza is already having to watch her constantly.

Al has been taking a lot of plants to the shop to sell. Some of the courgette plants in large pots have quite decent-sized fruit. I’d meant him to take the slightly smaller ones and leave those for me, but he’s taken them and put a fancy price on them. Hm. He’s also taken beans and tomatoes – I grew 8 different varieties and people love to try out the unusual ones – as do I. I’m going to plant out the ones I’m keeping for myself tomorrow, as they’re flowering now. French and runner beans are in need of being planted, but they’ll have to be thoroughly wired off against rabbits. So that’s a job for tomorrow afternoon, I hope (if the weather’s okay) after Dave’s visit to Bring On The Wall.

Just a couple of pics today, to follow – don’t want to bore you.

5 comments on “Z counts pollen

  1. mac-a-matic

    Hi Z, Lots of seasonal pursuits I see, and enough bricks to build the Berlin wall! I just finished displaying the Dryline at the RHS Spring Gardening Show; there was a lot of interest, and plenty of feedback from ladies who had been liberated from the tyranny of the weather or the tumble drier. They’re not all as sceptical as you! If you ever want to try one I will offer a complete refund if you don’t like it after a month. All the best, and don’t forget to vote!

  2. Z

    Hello, Mac, a pleasure to hear from you. I’m glad you’ve done well at the Show. Indeed, if I can convince myself I’ll ever actually not be so lazy that I’ll go out into the rain to get my clothes dry, I’ll buy one. Don’t suppose you’re coming to the Norfolk Show, are you? A long way away for you.

    People, this comment isn’t spam, though it is from a commercial site. I visited Mac first and left a sceptical comment, which he was kind enough to reply to courteously.

  3. Aleesuhn_Muhree

    I hate allergies. . . and this whole “swine flu” thing has already blown over, just like I thought it would. Gotta love the American healthcare system making a huge deal out of a virus.

  4. Z

    Aw, Martina xxx

    We’re not getting too fussed about swine flu, although the journalists would love to build it up into a source of mass hysteria.


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