Bringing on the wall, at last. The first day.

Lots of pictures. Here we go.

The bricks have been here a while.

This is the long side.

This is the short side. You might notice that the corner isn’t a right angle.

This is what just under a tonne of sand looks like.

Cement. In case you can’t read. Wait, if you can’t read, what are you doing here?

Z’s tiny hand is ringless. Because I’m delicate and get blisters and callouses and such painful blemishes. Z thinks ahead, she does.

Dave inspects the area that I’ve been scything. The cement mixer keenly anticipates some action.

Dave had just mentioned that a real brickie can halve a brick with a single blow. He halves a brick with a single blow. He glows, gently. It’s rather sweet.

The Sage is entrusted with the Adding of the Water, this being a very important job.

The cement mixer in action. I was sure I’d filmed this, because a still photo doesn’t quite show the full picture, but it seems not.

The first trowelful!

The first brick!!




Oh I say. Didn’t he do well?

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