Z considers making some sort of play on the words abscess and absence, but thinks better of it

Last night, I found a lump on Eloise cat’s side.  I was alarmed, of course, tried to look but she wriggled away.  This morning I was able to check and found that it had been an abscess and had already burst, leaving a sizeable hole.  I phoned the vet for an appointment and we’ve just got back, she having been given an antibiotic injection.  The vet cleaned it with a cotton bud, which Eloise bore patiently, though it clearly hurt, but she’ll keep it clean herself and it should heal up soon.  The swelling has already gone right down.  No idea how she got it, but Rose says that cats do get abscesses and the smaller ones need no treatment.   She came home and wanted to be fed, so I presume she’s feeling all right.

The next couple of weeks have become rather busy, and not in a pre-Christmas way, though there are some sociable things included.  One of them is to itemise, wrap up and pack about 150 pieces of china, which will take a bit of doing.  And we’re having the new carpet laid – LT will be in charge of overseeing that  sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee while the fitters are working, as I’ll be out much of the day.  The piano tuner is also coming that day – the pianola mechanism has been taking up several feet of the dining room floor for the last few months, it will be good to have that tidied up and I hope it will keep in tune from now on.  And I’ve got another visit booked from my accountant – I’m not sure why he wants to see me rather than just send the papers to be signed, but no doubt I’ll find out.

Eloise cat has gone to keep LT’s place on the sofa warm.  She probably hopes he’s coming back this evening.  She loves him very much.  And me.

4 comments on “Z considers making some sort of play on the words abscess and absence, but thinks better of it

  1. Chairwoman Ros

    My vet says cat abscesses are mostly due to fighting or hunting. Apparently being bitten by cat or rat is not a good idea. Tell Eloise Cat to choose her prey carefully.

    1. Z Post author

      She wouldn’t go near a rat, she’s not much of a hunter. She mostly grumbles at Chip, but they have had a couple of minor skirmishes, so that’s possible. When I saw it, my first thought was she’d pushed unwisely through brambles. But I’ve only once had an abscess myself, on my face and I’d had no sort of injury at all, it just came up spontaneously and was, most unattractively, there for weeks before it (just as unattractively) drained and finally healed – no, it didn’t occur to me to go to the doctor about it.


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