It’s quiet at The Close tonight

There’s just Eloise cat and me here tonight and tomorrow, LT has gone back to his house for a few days.  My sister Wink is coming to stay on Thursday and LT will return home on Friday – he’s at home now, of course, too.

For any of you who are bloggers from long ago, one of our number has just had a baby – if you remember Katy Newton, of Everything is Electric?  Her mum also used to blog and still is one of my dear bloggy friends, though we haven’t met in person yet.  I say “our number,” but Katy was certainly one of the elite, far above me in the blogosphere, in those days.  Many congratulations to her and to Ros.  When my first grandbaby was born, I was a bit surprised to be congratulated, but I soon realised that this is absolutely appropriate and, ever since, I’ve totally owned (as the young people used to say) those congratulations.

I had a business appointment a good hour away, at 1.30 today, which meant I didn’t have lunch before I went and, as I didn’t get home until around 4.30, it was too late to eat then.  By the time I’d fed animals and so on, I was suddenly tired.  So I brought forward the drink-time snacks and had carrot sticks, cheese and olives.  And, an hour later, I’m still hungry.  So the cold beef and pickles I’d been going to eat will be saved for lunch tomorrow and I’m going to cook pasta, because nothing but solid hot food will do.

I’ll bring a piece of beef for Eloise cat, though.  She won’t eat pasta and pesto, though she does like Parmesan.

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