Late rundown of Z’s day

Sister Wink is here and Rose came in for dinner.  Eloise cat’s wound is healing nicely and all is well.  The weather was pretty rough this morning but, with a rare attack of good sense, I went shopping early, so missed the rain and was tucked up at home by the time it struck.

The remarkable thing was, when I went to feed the cats this morning, the only girl, Betty, was tucking in to her breakfast, brothers and father nowhere in sight, when Rummy came to join her and they fed amicably together.  This has never happened before.  I put food down for the boys elsewhere, because they certainly wouldn’t have been comfortable coming near Rummy, who is aggressive with the young boys and has an armed truce with RasPutin – though Rose said she saw them hanging out together earlier on today.  So maybe all will yet be tranquil in Cat World.  I haven’t seen Zain for a fortnight though and I miss him.  I hope he will return, but I think he has found another territory.  And feral cats owe us nothing, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about them.

LT will be home tomorrow, in time for a late lunch DV.

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