Z and Wink in the Wilds of Norfolk

The morning was a bit complicated, I must say.  Last night, upon realising I hadn’t got a single present for my youngest grandson, I checked the suggestions his mother had made and found that they were all special offers from Argos.  I don’t object to a special offer, especially when I’ve checked them against other shops and found they were genuine,, so bought them online – but (why?  I dunno) they were only obtainable in a shop deep in north Norfolk.  But it was only an hour or so away, so Wink and I decided to go for it.

The satnav took me all around the houses, literally.  Instead of straight into North Walsham and towards Sainsbury’s, I went through several residential roads before arriving there.  I’d paid online so just had to pick them up and I had a texted receipt.  It couldn’t have been more straightforward.  Though one of the gifts is surprisingly big and I’d assumed it would have been disassembled, not moulded in one piece … but we squeezed it onto the back seat of the car.

It had occurred to me that I could do a second job, while I was about it.  You’d remember, no doubt (heh) that our old friend (of long duration, that is, as he’s younger than I am and I’m only a little bit old) Dave had built me a couple of pillars a few weeks ago, back in October.  I’d ordered the capping stones too but they had, accidentally, not been ordered and it turned out to be quite a business to get hold of them.  But finally I’d paid over the phone and it was agreed that they’d be delivered to Wroxham, where I asked Weeza/Phil to pick them up on Saturday.

This is the short version of a long drawn out process, I promise.  But anyway, we were literally driving past the industrial estate, so I thought we might go in and fetch the stones.  It took a while to sort out but we had them loaded into the car.  When we got back, I stopped on the drive, thinking I might lift them out and leave them, ready to put on the pillars.  Hoho.  I couldn’t shift them.  They are on the back seat of the car, waiting for someone considerably stronger than I am.

But we bought stuff for lunch and ate Twiglets until LT arrived back, and the rest of the day has been jolly in a tranquil sort of way.  Cold, though.  Brass monkeys and all that.

Oh.  In other news, the fitting of the new carpet has been put back because either Axminster or the haulier, I’m not sure which, can’t deliver it in time.  But we’ve rebooked for the 22nd.  Yeah.  Cutting it fine, innit.  Though it doesn’t really matter, I’m quite relaxed about it and just heaving the odd sigh.

I’ve been listening to Rogue Male on the radio – I download everything and catch up when I can’t sleep. which I couldn’t last night.  It’s a book I’ve read a few times and it finally occurred to me that it’s really quite dark.  Evidently, I am myself, because I’d not realised that before.  Anyhoo.  Now listening to Regeneration, which is also a bit dark.  Dear oh dear.  Clearly, it’s being so cheerful that keeps me going.

Oh, I’ve remembered to tell Weeza and Phil that they don’t need to pick up the capping stones.  I’ll have to ask him to remove them from the car on Sunday, though.  I truly cannot move them.

5 comments on “Z and Wink in the Wilds of Norfolk

  1. Z Post author

    I am happy to hole up here – and Savannah, I took away the need to sign in as people hated it – just, the first time anyone posts, it comes for approval. You have in the past, so it went straight through.

  2. 63mago

    You are courageous, or is vaillant the better word ? It would not occur to me to put heavy stones in my backseat, I’d never get them out nowadays. And the last time I did something similar my car was hanging down aft like a drowning dreadnought – like a Porsche, just without the power.

    1. Z Post author

      It was probably better to have them on the back seat than in the boot, it spread the load better. I actually was aware of having a full car, and braked carefully. I genuinely couldn’t move them, Phil reckoned they each weighed at least 50 kg.


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