You hear it here first….

Very happy weekend.  We visited Al and co on Saturday and the rest of the family came here on Sunday and all went well.  For the Sunday, we decided to make it easy.  Last time everyone came, we did roast beef etc and it all was fine, but a lot of work on the morning and I had to bring through the secondary cooker, to fit everything in.  So we decided on lasagne and I made the béchamel sauce and LT made the ragù while he was away and we assembled it on the morning and put it in the oven as the first of the family arrived.  And I bought desserts.

Wink left this morning and she’ll be off to India next week.  She’s very excited about it, of course.  She doesn’t quite know what to expect from an Indian Hindu Christmas,  but multiculturalism in action is going to be a lot of fun.  I spent the afternoon wrapping presents, rather slowly because it’s not the most enjoyable job, though it should be.  There are just so many of them, though and I evaluate them all for quality and quantity, which has been my habit since I had a second child.  In fact, I realised I have been solely responsible for buying all Christmas presents, and wrapping them, for 45 years.  I said to Weeza, a couple of years back, that I’d always counted all the presents for her and Al – and later, for Ro as well – and checked that they were all pretty well equivalent.  Someone might have a large thing that wasn’t very expensive and a small thing that was, or vice versa, but they all equalled out.  They’d never seemed aware of this, I mentioned.  Oh yes they were, she told me.  They checked afterwards.  Clearly, since I’d never got it wrong, they’d never said anything!

Ro and Phil got those heavy slabs out and they’ve been put on the pillars to protect them from rain and frost over the winter.  Though I had to clear snow off first.  We’ve been having the first really cold snap, though the snow didn’t lay for long.  Some parts of the country were much more affected.

Tomorrow, I’m off to pick up a whole lot of china.  You’re hearing it here first, though it’ll go up on my business facebook page soon and also on the website: I’m having an extra auction next year.  One person wants to sell a whole collection and I’ve had the first offer.  It’ll be 25th April.

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