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I suppose it’s the change in the weather – we had some rain today and it felt quite muggy – but I’ve been quite headachy today and haven’t got a lot done.  I changed my bedclothes and washed the sheets and I’ve done the watering and cleaned kitchen and bathroom, but those last three are done daily, to some extent at least, so there’s nothing to be boasted about.  We’ve been catching up on the week’s leftovers, so there hasn’t even been much cooking.  I went into the town and bought some shoes – cheap end-of-season sandals and canvas shoes, nothing special – and mostly mooched about boringly.  I’m in need of deadlines again.

I’ve been using Facebook more than ever before, simply because Hannah wanted news updates of Rupert while she was away.  I’ve never really got into it, nor Twitter, though I read them both reasonably regularly, usually catching up when I’ve just woken up and am gathering myself together before getting out of bed.  This is often a rather slow process, if I have the luxury of time.  Quite a number of people post the same things on both, but it’s always seemed to me that they serve different purposes for me.  Twitter is more what blogging was at the start, when I had a thought I quite often blogged it, sometimes quite briefly.  If it had been around eight or nine years ago, I wonder if I’d have started blogging at all (I read blogs for quite a while before I started writing one).

Facebook – well, I mostly use it for Scrabble and so on, I don’t write that many posts normally.  I use both to comment on others’ posts.  I don’t tend to follow well-known people on Twitter, mostly people I know.  There are a couple of education ones I follow, one being a fairly local Headteacher who writes quite a lot, for newspapers mostly, also on his own blog.  He links to interesting articles and current topics.  I followed another educationalist for a while, but he courted controversy and republished antagonistic or rude replies to his tweets and I didn’t care for it.  I’ve nothing against being opinionated, but it was unpleasant, like being in a room with people who are quarrelling on a matter you’ve nothing to do with.  So I unfollowed him.

Fortunately, Twitter and Facebook seem to have taken a lot of the people who used to write pretty poor blogs and most of those I look at are well worth reading – not that I search around for more blogs to read very often.  I still drop on a few more though, usually through other bloggers’ comments or when someone comments here – which I suppose is because they’ve spotted one of my comments on another blog.

It’s become apparent, as I’ve been writing, that it’s all about the comments, isn’t it?  So if you do read this and want to leave one, please fill in your URL if you have a blog, because I’d like to visit you in return.

7 comments on “Z comments

  1. nick

    Facebook is a strange mixture of utter trivia on the one hand and interesting comments and links on the other. It’s very easy to get caught up in a whole chain of fascinating links and before you know it, half the morning has disappeared! Some strict self-discipline is needed sometimes….

    1. Z Post author

      I can see how people let it take over hours of their life – though if I added all the time I’ve given to blogging, I could say the same about me.

  2. letouttoplay

    Ooh! All new and nice! I hope this will show my URL, there isn’t an option to insert it.
    I’m catching up after being away – Weeza and Phil’s house is beautiful. And I’m sad to have missed Rupert : )
    Hope Russell’s recovered from his fall – as I found out when visiting my sister, a fall can cause an awful lot of problems but it sounds as though Russell’s wasn’t too disastrous.

    1. Z Post author

      I thought the profile page came up when you registered, Mig, and you can put it in then. I’ll have to log out and in again as a random person to check. I’ve added your URL for you.

      Russell is getting over it now, he says he doesn’t ache too much this morning. A scary way to discover he doesn’t have brittle bones, but no great harm done, thank goodness.

      1. me

        H’m, no it doesn’t, Ronan must have changed it – you can find your profile page under the Meta widget, but that’s a bit of a faff, I’ll ask him if he can put it on the log-in. There are a couple of other things I need to consult him about – he’s used to commercial sites and personal ones are a bit different – that is, one wants different things from them.


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