Hannah and Sam were at the airport by 4 o’clock this morning  and back in this country by 9.  So it was time to get ready for Rupert to leave.  Russell took him for a walk while I packed up his things and hoovered the carpet (because he barks at the hoover).  The light showed red and I thought it had clogged because it wasn’t long ago that I emptied it, but the bag was full of blond Ben-hair.

Then I took both dogs for a last walk round the village.  I hadn’t asked Russell to take Ben because there was a bit of a to-do yesterday – he put them both on leads and was just turning to shut the door behind him when Ben spotted one of the hens wandering across the garden and lunged forward.  Russell was dragged against the doorframe, spun round and crashed onto the paving, landing on his hip and bashing both elbows.  Remarkably, he didn’t let go of either lead and I took the dogs (poor Rupert was quite alarmed to hear me shout so angrily at Ben) and shut them in while I went to help Russell.

A lot of TLC was required, which involved TCP and T and biscuits, but he’s all right, thank goodness.  His bones are in extremely good nick and I suspect that it happened so quickly that there was no time to try to save himself, so he was not braced for the fall which would have done more damage.  He’s stiff and sore today, but he has no limp and he wasn’t badly cut, just bruised and grazed.

This morning, we sat in the garden with both dogs and drank coffee.  Rupert was thrilled to be reunited with his family, though not desperate to leave us, tactful little dog.  Russell and I went out for lunch and are pottering round this afternoon.  Ben is mostly sleeping.

I’m not going to update the old blog any more, having uploaded posts onto both sites for a few days.  If you have any problems with commenting here, hop back to http://razorbladeoflife.blogspot.co.uk/ and drop me an email – click on Z in the top right and it’ll take you to my profile page.

And, if this is your first visit, welcome.

15 comments on “Unpacking

  1. Blue Witch

    Now there is one little problem… as the comment names don’t link to a blog (as the system doesn’t take URLs), and you don’t have a blogroll, it’s now very hard to get to the blogs of other commentators. Which is something I often do. Maybe I’m just an Old School Blogger, but that’s what we did in the Olden Days.

    Never satisfied, am I? 😉

  2. tim

    … so yes, having added my blog address to my profile as suggested, I can now click through to my blog from my comments on yours. So that solves BW’s problem as regards my blog, should she ever wish to access it from here. My picture still doesn’t appear against the comment, but that’s not a problem for me.

  3. Z Post author

    LZM – *waves*

    That was what I was going to say, Tim, thank you. Not many people have added their URL, but when one does, it becomes a link to the blog. You could do it, BW, and set a good example!

  4. Dinahmow

    OK, I’m here. (I used the password/ID that you chose, Z, but now WordPress accepts that I am Dinahmow so we’ll see if it holds.
    Thought I’d mention the roses…Charles Darwin, probably and let’s shoot for Heritage. Last Heritage I saw was a softer pink, but soil conditions and weather do strange things with flowers!
    Anyway, I’ll label them thus on my Flickr page and perhaps a David Austin buff will confirm or correct. Name doesn’t matter as they are beautiful!
    TVM for sorting the password hassles.

  5. Z Post author

    It’s easy to change your password and name you want on your profile page if you want to, but it should be fine – I can’t remember any of the passwords I chose for those I helped, though they made sense at the time (and were labelled ‘strong’ so should be safe enough).

    David Austin roses are all lovely, aren’t they? And repeat flowering too. When I’ve got a spare day, I should pick one of each rose and head off over there to get them identified. The yellow rose doesn’t have any in bloom at the moment, it’s been so dry for the last few weeks all the plants are struggling a bit and I only water in extremis.

    Think of it as a challenge that’s good for mental flexibility, BW! Ronan has given me a link to Gravatar now, on the assumption that I’ll be able to sort out the avatar issues. Bless him. It’s good to have a son with faith in me – and also better for me to work it out than have to ask him to, but I don’t actually understand the instructions at present!

  6. Liz Hinds

    Thank you for your welcome!

    We have a retriever named George.

    And I have a half-sister who doesn’t want to meet me.

  7. Z Post author

    Hello, Liz – I love retrievers, they have the sunniest natures and are never moody. And family history can keep you apart when it’s nothing to do with the people involved – not as people, that is.

    1. Mike and Ann

      Hello Z. Just logged in. Had to change the password. I hope this is successful. Gives me an odd feeling of having just stepped through the back of a wardrobe into……Narnia would this be?

  8. Z Post author

    Hello Mike, I know what you mean – it’s the same blog and I asked Ronan to keep the appearance pretty well the same, but it feels a bit unfamiliar as yet. Although I’m not sure that you really need to be wearing that fur coat.


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