Rupert’s last day with Z

This is our final day with Rupert, our friends’ little spaniel pup.  Sam and Hannah are due to come and pick him up tomorrow morning.  The visit has been an unqualified success – which we expected, no problems were anticipated – and the only slight disappointment has been that we’ve not been able to let the dogs out in the garden unaccompanied, just in case any of the bantams have got out.  But they can go off the lead on the marshes, where they have a brilliant time.  They both love the water and play riotously, but with complete good humour.  Ben is very kind to the smaller dog, although sometimes clumsy, but Rupert is quite unbothered at being trodden on and can hold his own in a play-fight.

Asleep on the bed

Asleep on the bed

Asleep on me

Asleep on me

He is also very, very affectionate and cuddly.  Although he woke early this morning and wanted to play, which I could have done without, having been fast asleep at 5.45.

Other news on the home front is that Weeza and Phil’s house purchase seems to have had all problems ironed out and the contract is due to be signed tomorrow, with completion early next month.  There’s a bit of work they want to do before moving and more in due course, but it’s going to be beautiful.

Old Chapel

If anyone is having difficulty registering here, do let me know (my email address is on my profile at the Blogger blog, not sure if I’ve got any contact details here yet) and I can do it.  If you want an avatar/photo against your comments, I think it’ll work if you add your own blog to your profile.



6 comments on “Rupert’s last day with Z

    1. Z Post author

      Yep, that’s okay. Should be automatic in future as on the old site.
      I have avatars enabled, don’t know why some show them and others don’t.

  1. PixieMum

    Hooray! I’m logged in at first attempt with the most unmemorable password possible. Doesn’t matter, it is written down and I can keep up with events in the Eastern outskirts of our wonderful country.

    Think Weeza’s new home looks lovely, a cross between Escape to the Country and Grand Designs.

  2. Blue Witch

    I’m not understanding why this system hates my email addresses as I’ve tested them all back to myself, and they all worked. But, now that I’ve used the one listed in my sidebar it’s working.

    Font is much more readable for me on this new version of the blog, thanks.

  3. Z Post author

    If ever you need your password, it can send you a new one, and you can change it on your profile – or I can delve into the depths and get it done.

    I don’t understand either, BW, but I’m glad you’re here now.

    Yes, the house has got a lot of potential, some conversion work done but not finished.


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