Z clears more space

I’ve lost confidence in my memory.  There is no good reason for this, but I seem to be a safety first girl after all, in my old age.  So I set an alarm, half an hour before my appointment.

It’s been a productive but depressing day.  I’ve cleared more stuff, but some of it has been into the strongroom or the spare bedroom designated for Stuff and I found a couple of boxes of papers that hadn’t been sorted yet.  Sadly, nothing very interesting in them, though I’ve put aside the plan of the second septic tank, the one that goes from the annexe.  I also discovered that the box under the front stairs is actually a safe and it’s locked.  I’ve no idea which key belongs to it.

I’m sad and depressed, as ever after a day spent turning out, and resentful too.

Moving on….

Young Hadrian is spending the next two mornings with me, which is lovely.

My monthly cleaners are coming tomorrow – I’ve nearly cleared away for them – they are coming for four hours instead of two, so that they can clean more of the house.  This isn’t a house one can clean in a single day, so I’ll ask them to be thorough and brisk, rather than do the lot.  Two rooms, that I’ve moved stuff to, needn’t be touched.

In the next few days, I need to check who’s going to stay overnight before or after the blog party.  All a bit vague so far.

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