Innocent coffee

It went better than I expected.  So I’ve celebrated with a very nice bottle of Adnam’s Prosecco, that I was given for Christmas.  I haven’t finished the stuff I bought myself for Christmas, either.  I’m so good.

Hadrian was very good, as he always is.  He’s such a solemn little boy – I know he can have his tantrums, but he never has with me, but then he rarely smiles either.  He can talk very well but isn’t chatty, quite unlike Gus, who gabbles away and isn’t always that easy to understand.

I was asleep by 11 and awake soon after 1 am.  This was most annoying, as I’d had a calming cup of chamomile tea before going to bed rather than the strong black coffee I actually wanted.  Of course, if I’d had the coffee and then the sleepless night, I’d have blamed the coffee.  The coffee is innocent.

I’ve had to shove things in places and will need to sort them out again.  But needs must.  The entire house was clear except for the two rooms I’ve shoved things in, and my cleaners whizzed through in a mere three and a half hours – that is, I paid for seven.  Considering the furniture moved for proper cleaning, this was jolly good going.  This is a big house and there are a lot of beams and corners, it’s not that simple to clean.  I did it all by myself for years, but it’s nice to have some back-up for when I’m busy.

I asked to have Rupert spaniel tomorrow too, I haven’t seen him for months and I miss him.  Hay will enjoy his company too.  Not sure what the forecast is, most peculiar weather today, from warm sun to cold wind to sleet and most things in between.  I think that, remarkably, it’s supposed to be good for the Bank Holiday weekend.  I wonder if it’ll hold for the weekend after?

2 comments on “Innocent coffee

  1. sablonneuse

    Sadly I think you’re right about the decline of blogs but I have to admire you for keeping yours going despite having so many other things on your mind as well as all the clearing and sorting.
    As for forgetting what day it is, I do that all the time!

    Keep smiling!


  2. Z Post author

    I put alarms on my phone for everything, I don’t trust my memory at the moment. I don’t always feel like blogging, I have to admit, but I don’t want to stop in case I never start again. I’d be very sad if that were to happen.


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