Z loses track of time

I’ve been convinced all day that it’s Monday. I woke soon after 6 – no, I don’t know why, I hate waking up early and I absolutely don’t get up early except for a very good reason – and saw the sunshine and put the radio on and it wasn’t the news.  I was puzzled and it took me several moments to remember that it’s Sunday today.  It’s probably because the family usually comes over on a Sunday.  Anyway, I lay and thought about it for a bit and then went down and scrambled eggs and toasted a roll and made a pot of tea, loaded it all, suitably crockeried, on a tray and brought it back to bed, with yesterday’s papers that I hadn’t finished.  So it was about 8 o’clock when I actually got up, which is still early for a Sunday but quite all right.

The Rector had forgotten to send me hymns – I don’t blame him at all, of his six parishes, there are at least three different systems, either chosen several weeks at a time, chosen by the organist or chosen by the person leading the service – and he rapidly came up with four suitable numbers.  I played them each in their turn at a brisk pace.  Not having had time to look at them in advance, I reckoned that panache was what was needed.  Does panache have an accent?  Hm.  I don’t think so. Anyway, my days of adequate French are long gone and now it’s franglais at best, which is far more entertaining.

Zerlina found my last few pieces of salty liquorice yesterday and helped herself.  She offered a piece to her mother – I discovered today that this was the last piece, so she’d evidently decided to pass on the responsibility.  Anyway, Weeza didn’t take it and I’ve eaten it.  I contemplated flying to Holland, just for the liquorice in the airport shop and coming home again, but better sense has prevailed and I bought a kilo of it online.  Al and Dilly don’t like it and there will be plenty for the rest of us to share.  I mean, there would be enough even if they did.

I’m starting to catch up on reading blogs again – I’ve been behind since getting back from Wales.  I can only apologise.  Blogging, both reading and writing, isn’t what it is, I’m afraid.  Looking at my stats, I have pretty much the same level of readership as I ever do, though comments have diminished considerably – maybe I should just turn off the need to register again, I’m sure it’s most annoying – but few people write as regularly as they used to, including me.  I still like blogging better than any of the other internet engagements, other than personal emailing, of course, but it does need much greater commitment of time and effort and I realise that the personal blog has been dwindling for a long time.

By the way, our friend Dave East is in hospital at present, having had a major operation last week.  It was elective surgery in a sense – that is, he needed it to be done at some time but he wasn’t ill – but now it’s been done, it’s hoped that his original kidney condition can be improved.  Dave has always been a good friend to me and I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing him much better health in the future.

This afternoon at about quarter to four, I suddenly realised with a shock that I’d missed my weekly appointment with the Headmaster.  Two minutes later, I realised that I still believed it was Monday today.  I’m giving up on the day now.  I’m going to have a long soak in a hot bath and then sit by the fire reading the papers. Again.

8 comments on “Z loses track of time

  1. 63mago

    The last days were a bit busy for me, so I also had the impression it be Monday when I woke up and was ready to jump out and go working.
    Some days ago I read somewhere that the personal blog would be a dinosaur, on the road to extinction. I do not believe this to be true. I do not want to miss it, and am still curious enough to walk through blogland, I’m sure others will do this too. For the frequency of posting, it varies and depends mostly on the other circumstances of life. Nevertheless I think I’ll have to go through the links, and sort some blogs out that fell silent for quite a time. I keep some of those addresses in an rss-reader, perhaps people will come back.
    Some stopped abruptly, which is a bit irritating.
    And good wishes for Dave.

    1. Z Post author

      I have a lot of links in a reader too and so I find out if a long-silent friend writes a post. When I first started blogging, there were some dreadfully badly written ones and those are not missed, but many others are. I am patient and quietly persistent, so am not on the verge of giving up myself.

      Dave just wrote on Facebook that he is home again and doing well. Thank you.

  2. PixieMum

    Why not fly to Schipol for liquorice? A long time ago when I worked for British Airways Ian and I went to Amsterdam for the day. As we were travelling standby we had time to look around the Duty Free where Burberry Raincoats were for sale. We didn’t have the money available to buy there and then, so just purchased duty free alcohol.

    The following week I flew back – staff travel ticket cost me £9, this September 1979, I bought a traditional style raincoat, a button in lining and a hat, more duty free alcohol, wore the coat on the flight back having never left the airport.

    It still fits, I wear it regularly, it looks a little worn and isn’t quite as waterproof as it was but it is so practical.

    1. Mike Horner

      Hello Z. I’ve just been checking my blog figures and found the same result as you report – that although the number of readers hasn’t changed much, the number of comments has fallen; but on the other hand I think I write less blog entries than I used to. I don’t want to give it up, so must try and blog more frequently, I suppose. Please give our regards to David East. Hope he’s on the mend.
      Warm regards, Mike and Ann.

      1. Z Post author

        Dave used to grumble at us if we didn’t comment on his posts and was meticulous about commenting on ours, so we got into good habits in those days, didn’t we? I’ll go and see him when he’s open for visitors, as it were – don’t know how long it will be before he’s able to drive, but he’s got good friends and neighbours, as well as his family looking after him.

  3. Z Post author

    I might well fly to Amsterdam for the day at some time (not this side of the blog party though) – the wait at the airport is the only drawback, apart from the price, which has rather gone up since 1979. I can’t remember the price of my tickets last September when I visited Irene – I would have paid whatever it cost, knowing it was the only time I could see her: she died in December – but it was rather more than the online price of £15.35 I’ve paid.

    I can’t match your Burberry for longevity but I do occasionally wear an Aquascutum jacket of my mother’s, which must be about 25 years old. And I’ve got a number of garments of 20+

  4. LZM

    The road to…. There are so many distractions. Reading, writing and face to face socializing seems to have been replaced by this computer, our CD player and DVR. My husband and I have had to schedule a day and time to talk “to” each other. Has made a huge improvement in our attitudes.

    I have always loved licorice. When I was very young my family visited friends and family in Vancouver often where we would get this divine licorice that I haven’t thought about for quite some time. You have inspired me to search for it online!

    I truly send wishes for Dave’s improved health.

    1. Z Post author

      Russell and I used to do that, but invariably the damn phone would ring and he’d be unable to resist answering it!

      It’s worth searching out the best, isn’t it?


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