Your five a day

1 We’re really looking forward to Phil, Lisa, Amelie and Toby coming to stay.

2 I haven’t yet decided what to give them to eat. Some recipe browsing is called for (though I trust I’m not raising culinary expectations).

3 Having said the chickens are having a new run, the Sage is now considering letting them take over the whole kitchen garden after all. Hmmmm.

4 The aforementioned Sage is loving driving again.

5 I have readopted Maudie Littlehampton’s mantra “If it’s me, it’s U”.

8 comments on “Your five a day

  1. Phil Gardner

    Culinary expectations are already SKY HIGH. And Amelie keeps talking about your chickens, which surprised me as I didn’t even know we’d mentioned them. I think she might be reading your blog.

  2. Z

    seems that the shorter the post, the more you like it!

    I have no idea what I’m feeding you on yet. You’ve got me worried now, Phil & co and Roses

    It was July last year and he should have got his licence at the end of January, if he’d applied for it. Actually, all the points are off his licence now as serving the ban wiped out those points and the rest are out of date. So he’s clean of points, but the totting-up ban is on the licence.

  3. Z

    Comment from Dinahmow which she wasn’t able to post so emailed to me…

    Um…can an itinerant from the Land Down Under muscle in?
    I’ll be in England then and visiting Ziggi that week! I think we have to ask Tim nicely if he has room for one more…

    And it’s awfully convoluted, but when we had chickens there were 6 Light Sussex and I called them all Maudie.

    I’ll find your email…

    Maudies from Littlehampton, that’s brilliant! I think you’ll fit in splendidly with the other guests.


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