Tuesday’s five

1 Sunshine and warmth!  I had to wear sunglasses to drive.  Mind you, I gather the weather forecast is none too good for tomorrow.

2 Awful noises came from the new phones and it wasn’t even a heavy breather.  Turned out that the base had to be plugged into a different socket, not the main one – which was the one the previous phone worked best from.  Ho hum.

3 I’m going to the Manet exhibition at the RA tomorrow.  Early start, I’ve got to be in Norwich by 7.15.

4 A meeting at the school with feedback from an evaluation we had done by advisors, who gave impartial advice on how well we’re doing and how to improve.  I was quite enthused and invigorated by it all, which shows that my assertion that I need outside interests and responsibilities, however much work they are, if I’m not to be bored and depressed, is correct.

5 Time to walk the dog.  Goodnight

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