On the double

1 I seem to be making a habit of not enough sleep – no change there, then.  But I did sleep reasonably well last night, it was just that I had to get up early.

2 And was in Norwich by 7.30 and on the way to London.  We had a really easy run and arrived on schedule, although apparently there was a burst water main in Piccadilly.  We saw no sight of anything amiss.

3 The exhibition was jolly good and bigger than we’d expected.  A lot of Manet’s paintings that I knew nothing about and some that I did.  I hadn’t realised that he was only 51 when he died.

4 I had a Roquefort, celery and wild mushroom tart for lunch.  It was very good.  I had a pistachio-topped and strawberry-purée filled cake for tea, which was rather richer than I expected.  I coped manfully.

5 I was in cheery and expansive mood and trotted over to Fortnums and bought presents for the children and the Sage.  Food ones.  Well, food and drink (tea).

6 It’s been a busy day and five isn’t enough.

7 One of our party didn’t feel very well and the RA staff looked after her and altered her ticket to another day, as she wasn’t able to cope with the exhibition.  Unfortunately, she was extremely sick on the way home.  Most unfortunately, she was in the seat behind me and my friend Angy.  It was worse for her travelling companion, of course. I trust it was nothing catching.

8 Usually, the Sage would have cooked my supper.  I phone ahead so he knows how to time it.  But we were a bit late, so I said he shouldn’t wait.  I cooked myself an omelette when I got home.

9 There was a frost last night when I walked the dog, but none this morning.  But the sun didn’t shine all day – or rather, it did but it was hidden by clouds.

10 Our friends whose wedding reception was held on our field last summer have asked if we could look after their puppy Rupert in August when they go on holiday.  We’ve said yes.  This could turn into a nice little business – totally non-lucrative of course, as we wouldn’t charge them.

4 comments on “On the double

  1. Liz

    Sounds like a good day out, apart from the vomiting.

    Rupert is a top name for a dog. I used to work with a human called Rupert and I’m not sure it is such a good name for him. Unsurprisingly, he prefers to be called Ru.

  2. janerowena

    It is a good name for dogs and bears. I feel very sorry for the couple of young boys I know with that name. Rent-a-dog seems like a very good way to have a dog – lots of pleasure and no vet’s bills.

  3. mig

    Very disconcerting to have someone throwing up just behind you. Otherwise what a lovely day. And a puppy for August as well.

  4. Z

    I know a man called Rupert, it seems to suit him. He is tall, broad-shouldered and blond and he can carry the name, but not many can. Great for a dog, as you say. We haven’t met Rupert yet, he might be a bit of a handful as he’ll be about a year old then, but it’ll be fun. And fun is what matters.

    Her poor neighbour, must have been ghastly.


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