Gardners’ Questing Time

The Gardners arrived during the afternoon and are as delightful as I’d expected them to be.  The children ate their tea with impeccable manners and went to bed in due course, and Lisa and Phil have just gone up too.  Ben was hopelessly overexcited all day – he normally sleeps half the evening, but mostly bounced instead.  I hope he settles down tomorrow, it’s a bit trying.

It was an odd day in some ways.  I have been so busy this week I hadn’t got anything ready, so whizzed round for a couple of hours, changing beds and – Phil and Lisa won’t believe this, but I did – tidying up a bit.  Then off to school for Music, where the morning lesson was a new project, learning to play a piece of music, including some theory and reading a stave.  The piece is Katy Perry’s Firework.  Or is it Fireworks, I can’t remember.  Then I trotted along to a reception for a group of French exchange students, the Mayor and Town Reeve came along too and I smiled and shook hands a lot and had my photo taken several times (in a group) and I’m afraid it’s bound to be in the paper.  There was a large chocolate cake and I ate a piece of it, which was all I had time for for lunch.  I also had a small cup of tea and it wasn’t until this evening that I realised I hadn’t had anything else to drink all day until 5 o’clock when I had some coffee.  Not enough, really.

In the afternoon, the other class hadn’t yet finished their Indian music, so it was back to the ragas.  I felt a bit spaced out by the time I left.  And then, when home, I had several things to deal with, including booking a holiday, so it was just as well that the guests were a bit delayed.

I gather the children wake pretty early.  Well that is, we usually get going rather late in the morning, it isn’t that they’re unusually early.  Amelie is looking forward to meeting the chickens.

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