1 The Sage is finally driving again, more than a month after his ban ended. Having been really anxious to start again, he then kept putting off the sending in of the form. I dunno. That’s Sages for you.

2 Wink and I were discussing how one remembers numbers. I lost her entirely when I explained my methods – for example, my mobile number ends 3795. That’s 19×2-1 and 19×5. Obv. She didn’t think so.

3 I have had a cooked breakfast two days in a row. Yesterday, the Sage cooked me bacon and eggs. We have been married 40 years, or it will be that soon anyway, and he’s never cooked bacon and eggs for my breakfast before. Today it was poached egg but I cooked it myself.

4 The sun shone today. Ree-markable.

5 All the same, I’ve found it hard to keep my spirits up. End of winter blues perhaps or maybe it was last week’s hospital visiting. I’ll be glad when the clocks change. I want BST all year round.

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  1. Phil Gardner

    I would suggest that 5 could be due to a a general sinking feeling caused by the anticipation of what horrors might lie ahead of you towards the end of this week.

  2. Zig

    I would remember 3795 as 3579 (consecutive odds) with a delinquent 5 who was late and arrived out of sequence at the end.

    Definitely we feel better the more daylight we have – I so agree about BST. Also we don’t absorb enough vitamin D in the winter because of the lack of sunlight.

  3. Roses

    I only have a cooked breakfast on Sundays, when Lawrence and I are together. It’s Egg Day. He cooks a mean poached egg!

    I’m keen to get winter to shove off, for it to warm up.

    I’ve had enough of this winter stuff. Ugh.

    (yes, and I’m desperate to turn my heating off, it’s costing me a fortune)

  4. Z

    That’s true, LX. I remember the numbers in my car’s plate because there are two single-digit numbers and the square of one of them. Took me weeks to learn the letters though.

    Well, I’m certainly worried about the catering, Phil. Upping my culinary game and still making it child-friendly.

    Zig, I love you. And you can remember it’s 5 that is late because it sort of looks like a runner. In a way.

    Well, sometimes we have time in the mornings and it seems a pity not to take advantage of it. A man who poaches perfect eggs is a Find.

    Beryl, that’s brilliant!

    John, one of today’s five will mention the sun!

  5. janerowena

    I too agree with the clocks at BST. Or at least changing the dates for a briefer period. The USA does it, and I believe other countries do too. So glad the Sage has his freedom back.


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