1,2,3,4,5 – which should have been the title of yesterday’s post

1 A weasel ran across the road in front of me. It always surprises me quite how small they are.

2 When I took Ben for a walk this morning, he disappeared over the bank towards the river. It’s only a little river, but all the same, I’d rather he didn’t jump in. He came back when I called but later took a paddle at the cows’ drinking area.

3 I slept soundly last night. It was lovely.

4 I’ve been getting a lot of emails from various friends whose accounts have been hacked into. Four people yesterday and another two today. I’ve changed my own password, I suggest you do so too and are vigilant.

5 Having changed the password, I had to update several other places too, iPhone, iPad, gmail notifier. It was a bit of a nuisance, actually, and now I have a new password to remember. But it was a year since I last changed it, so a Good Idea.

6 comments on “1,2,3,4,5 – which should have been the title of yesterday’s post

  1. Mike and Ann

    How to tell a weasel from a stoat :- They’re so weaselly distinguished becaus they’re s’toatally different.
    Thought I’d get that one in before Rog did. We’re both antique dealers, y’know.

  2. Roses

    It’s so easy to get caught out.

    I got the second e-mail from “fedex” claiming they tried to deliver a parcel. The thing is, I am actually waiting for the return of some documents from Germany.

    I Googled the email and yes, on a teck forum, it’s a phishing scam.

    I deleted.

    Great to hear Ben comes back when you call. Good dog.

  3. Z

    I managed to find someone who didn’t know that joke and he said it was excellent, Mike!

    These were all very obvious phishing attempts, just a link. But getting them all in such a short time must mean that someone is doing a lot of hacking at present – unless it’s just among my friends, most of the ones affected being quite unconnected with each other.

    There’s plenty of wildlife around here of course, but it’s only if one happens to cross the road in front of you that you’ll catch a glimpse of stoat or weasel.


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