Wink has forty winks

I had expected to be busy, because Wink has lots of friends.  And I’ve certainly been scuttling around today looking after a number of them.

She’s doing very well, but didn’t have a chance to rest this afternoon, so I suggested she lie down on her bed for an hour before dinner.  And I’m very pleased that she’s gone to sleep.  I’ve washed up rather a lot of mugs, teapots, coffee pots, made a casserole, prepared vegetables, laid the table and poured a glass of wine.  Which I drank, so I had to pour another.  I also had to go to the village shop for some more milk, because there was just enough left for her coffee this evening and none for breakfast, and the milkman doesn’t call until Friday.

I resisted the temptation to phone Russell this morning to check he’d remembered to put on the tortoises’ heating and lighting.  They’re his pets and of course he will have.  It’s up to him to ring me, I’m not going to look sad and desperate, even for Edweena and the Tots.  Russell himself will be fine of course and so will Ben, it’s the out of sight, potentially out of mind members of the family I’m concerned about.

I slept less than ever last night, so still have some relaxing to do.  Surely I’m due a good night’s sleep soon?  Three episodes of Brideshead Revisited listened to, I did nod off twice but only for a few minutes.  Still, there’s Ripley to come.  And a PD James.  Ooh, and I see they’re doing Lorna Doone.  Haven’t read that for years.

Now, The Times crossword until Wink wakes up.

2 comments on “Wink has forty winks

  1. 63mago

    Whenever I was to another place – be it on vacancy, be it on a visit – the first night always was / is terrible sleepwise, but the second one usually did the trick.
    I hope you can sleep all through, and awake alive and kicking.

    I think it is a good thing to be where one is “in the full” and to concentrate on what is at hand ; one is not responsible for things happening at other places, in other peoples responsibility. I am sure the Sage will do what has to be done.

    My English is bad, excuse me please, it’s far from elegant, but I guess you know what I am trying to say in my clumsy way.

  2. Z Post author

    I do know, thank you very much and you’re absolutely right. And I can put things out of my mind during the day, but not necessarily at night. That is, I’m not worrying but I often can’t relax enough to sleep. I did sleep much better last night however, splendid what complete exhaustion can do!


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