Sunshine and showers

I’ve been looking up my blog from four years ago and was able to tell Wink that it was the sixth day on from my operation that I really felt things were healing, particularly from the bruising.  So we have hopes of that for tomorrow.

She stayed in bed after her sleep yesterday and I took her supper in bed.  More visitors today, for coffee, lunch and after lunch, and more are due this evening around 6 and 6.30.  So she’s asleep now and I’ve been clearing up the kitchen and will get things ready for the guests soon, so that it isn’t a rush.  I’ll also get supper prepared for after they leave (unless Wink invites them to stay, which wouldn’t surprise me.  She’s always very hospitable and knows I never mind cooking for a few extra).  Tomorrow, friends in the morning, then an appointment with the nurse, then friends for lunch. I don’t know about the rest of the day yet, but I expect it’ll be sociable.

I’m sure you think I fuss about Russell, but it’s not that.  He does have mini-strokes sometimes, for no apparent reason – each is not diagnosed as such, I only know to suspect it by him having extra little naps during the day or a change in behaviour or his speech being less distinct for a few days.  And that happened the week before I came away, I’m quite sure.  There’s nothing that can be done and no treatment – that is, he takes the normal range of medication that most men of his age take and he won’t necessarily ever have a major stroke.  He doesn’t know when he’s had one and wouldn’t mention any symptoms anyway, he hates anything that shows a sign of ageing.  But I’m sure you can see that I’m constantly anxious, even if most of the time it’s without need.  He’s fine now anyway, we all have spoken to him in the past few days and his speech is very clear and, from all that he tells me, he’s busy and active, so that means he’s well.

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