The sixth day

Exactly as predicted, Wink felt much better today, much more mobile.  So she really is on the up from now on.

Lunch for two extra today, one of whom was Bod (see the sidebar).  He looks after his elderly and chair-bound mum, so hadn’t been able to visit until his brother came to take over for a few days.  I’m going over to see them tomorrow because Bod (Wink being unable to go, of course) has invited me out tomorrow, for a charity curry lunch cooked by Gurkhas.  I’m rather looking forward to it.

I’m way behind on emails and sorry if I owe you one – I’ll try to catch up over the weekend.  By the evening, I just want to have an early night, whether I sleep much or not.  I had an hour’s kip on the sofa this afternoon, which was much needed but probably will ensure I don’t sleep until at least midnight.  Still, never mind.  Lots of books and the radio and a comfortable bed.


7 comments on “The sixth day

  1. 63mago

    And the “comfort of exhaustion” too. 🙂

    Gurkhas ? Indian soldiers ? Some were elite troops I think, but I thought these units do not exist anymore, for ages.

  2. Z Post author

    Gurkhas still enlist in the British army, Mago – elite troops, indeed.

    She brought me tea in bed this morning, Rog. No Gherkins though.

    No blogging tonight either, I’m pathetically tired. I reckon it’s all this washing up I’m doing.

  3. sablonneuse

    Goodness, you seem worn out at the moment so I’m glad things are taking a turn for the better.
    Take care and try to rest and relax when you can.

  4. Z Post author

    Thank you, Sandy – a quieter day today, only one visitor. Wink’s doing fine, but she’s tired too and has had an early night. My blogging mojo has vanished, so I’ll leave you all in peace for another day. Hope you’re well xx

  5. Mike Horner

    All well this side of the country, Z. Sunshine and showers – the mixture as before. Hope neither one of you is overdoing it (took me two goes to get that right).
    Warm regards, Mike and Ann.


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