Z the responsible adult, chiz chiz

I’ve slept very badly indeed since arriving here, but Wink is home from hospital now, so if I’ve been worrying about her – well, now she’s my responsibility, so maybe it’ll be worse.  H’m.  I’m bound to catch up sooner or later.

Too long a day to tell you about darlings, I’m quite exhausted.  I must phone Russell next, I can’t help being anxious about him too.

I’ve temporarily (I hope) lost the ability to relax and I’m going to have a bath and an early night – again, that’s done nothing to help recently, I’ve just had four wakeful hours in bed before dozing off.  Still, good reading and listening time, which is a distraction.

Being irresponsible is my aim in life, but I’ve got some way to go yet.  Oh dear.  Sorry I sound so distracted tonight.  I’m fine really.

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