Wine. And song. Dunno about the women, I seem to be the only one here.

We really didn’t expect any presents at all, but everyone brought something, which was immensely kind and lovely of them.  (We will write to everyone of course, but while I’m on the subject, I must just thank Mike and Ann for their beautiful and completely unexpected gift).  And it was remarkable how many of the presents are wine related.  Including actual wine.  So we’re going to have good reason to think about our guests for weeks to come – indeed, forever, because not all the wine-related presents actually were wine.

Anyway, while on the subject, we turned out the larder today (I am debating whether it should be called a larder or a pantry, considering than neither meat nor grain is stored there) and took out the small stock of wine that has been languishing at the back for a long time.  Some of it was stuff that was won at a raffle and, unwisely, not given straight back to the next one, some were nice bottles that somehow weren’t drunk at their peak and, I’m sure, are well past it, but others are a bit of a lottery but well worth a punt.  A thirty-plus year old Burgundy, for example, could be fantastic, vinegar or anything in between.  We’ll find out.img_4640
This is this evening’s bottle. It’s pretty good. We like it.  And there’s a second one, too.  Not that it will be drunk tonight, obvs.

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