Purple eater people

I accidentally removed my sidebar photo the other day – that is, I removed it, thinking I could replace it with another one.  Too late, I remembered that I’d always left the html whatnots and just changed the bits relating to the photo itself.  And I didn’t know the html whatnot in this instance.

But I’ve worked it out and I’m reasonably pleased with myself.  True, the picture of me with my Wedding Hat is barrel shaped rather than oval, but I’ll work on that another time.  There’s a picture and it’s in the right place and I didn’t have to ask Ro to put it there is a matter for a modest high-five.

Today, LT and I have mostly been preserving.  Cooking for fridge, freezer and storecupboard.  And now, I’m ludicrously over-tired as a result.  But quite satisfied, and awfully pleased to have dealt with nearly all of the aubergine mountain.

2 comments on “Purple eater people

    1. Z Post author

      Things have indeed changed around here, Tim – but indeed, I’m still the same old Z! Lovely to hear from you again.


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