Why the Z crossed the road

Hip x-ray today.  Next week, I’m seeing my consultant about a replacement – this is not the one operated on nearly seven years ago, but the other.  I’ll be clearing a space in my diary soon, I hope.

The trouble is with hospitals is that they’re so damn big – that is, so much walking is involved to the department you need.  LT says that the big hospital in his home town has a little four-seater cart that is driven around to give people lifts if they need it.  The N&N, where I was today, would find that of limited use as it’s on three floors – I don’t think it’s a practicable proposition.  The JP, where I was the other day on a totally different mission, is on two and, of course, the place I wanted was right at the back and upstairs.

As I hobbled with my stick across the car park, people were going over zebra crossings to go into the building.  Without exception, they put a hand up to thank the drivers for stopping.  It reminded me of a conversation I had a few years ago, with a friend who moved abroad some 30 years ago.  Visiting Scotland, where he’d previously lived, he was very happy to find that, on single track roads, not only did the person for whom one stopped put up their hand to say thank you, but the stopper responded with a wave too.  It’s not just the case in Scotland of course, this happens round here and, I daresay in other places where there are lots of narrow roads, but it was evident it doesn’t happen in France.  Or maybe all the roads are wide enough for two cars.

I’ll have limited internet contact in the next few days, partly through circumstance but also from choice.  We’ve been so busy recently, we want a few days to unwind, read and do very little at all.

2 comments on “Why the Z crossed the road

  1. 63mago

    Sticks – !? Hobbling ?!
    Sorry, I certainly missed something – I will dutifully “read back”, what means nothing else but that I’ll look where I left, that may be some time back.

    Nice hat btw 🙂
    I can not name the reason(s), but I feel a deep satisfaction reading your blog, following you. This may sound wrong, and it is difficult to express for me in my own language ; in the end it may be a feeling of rightness (“es ist richtig”, in any sense of “right”, from local to cosmic – ha.) And btw I admire you deeply.

    Good luck with the digital detox, and of course the hip thing.

    1. Z Post author

      Nothing dramatic, simply that my left hip, the one I didn’t have replaced nearly seven years ago, has become increasingly problematical this year. I’m not sure if I’ve said much about it, though.

      I love the hat but it’s absurdly frivolous and youthful, I realise I may never have a chance to wear it again. But it was worth it – Tim bought it for me, actually.

      Thank you, Mago, that is a lovely, warm thing to say. You know, I’m sure, that I just sit down and write whatever comes into my mind. You read the real me. There’s really nothing to admire, I’m very ordinary and as foolish and imperfect as the next man. I love my blog and I talk to my friends, that’s all.


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