Aubergine, auberga, life goes on, bra, lala…..

Today, we’ve been harvesting.  Aubergines and squashes, mostly.  It’s been a bumper year for both, especially the aubergines.  We’ve eaten those with practically every meal, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer – oh, hang on, that’s a different subject altogether.  But there has been a plethora of eggplants.

Last night, LT cooked a very good spaghetti sauce, using half the remains of the beef joint (you’d think that 8 pounds of sirloin would be perfect and, indeed, the beef itself was, but there was a couple of pounds left over) and I volunteered to cook the rest tonight.  I found a Lebanese recipe, basically ratatouille ingredients plus beef and spices, and cooked that.  Hmmm.

Mind you, the first glitch wasn’t the recipe’s fault, but my reading of it.  I read one clove of garlic and poo-pooed it immediately and put in four.  And then read again and it was a bulb of garlic, separated into cloves.  I put that right by adding quite a lot more.  But it turned out there wasn’t enough spice and too much water and some adjusting was needed and, by the time it came to the table, it still wasn’t zingy.  Fortunately, zing is my special subject, and it occurred to me that harissa paste was just what was needed.  I fetched it, we stirred some in and it was pretty good.

Then I remembered the pine nuts I’d toasted specially.  Sigh.  I fetched them and we started eating again.

Tomorrow, we’ll mostly be making baba ghanoush.

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  1. Z Post author

    Yes, could well make that too. In fact, we’ve been busy with other things, so haven’t cooked anything today, except scrambled eggs for lunch.


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