Sorry about yesterday’s post getting deleted. Comes of faffing about on a small screen while watching television and talking at the same time.

I curled up and went to sleep this afternoon, which was a good use of time in the circumstances. What’s annoying about the hours I spend awake most nights is the complete waste it is. I really can’t get up and do anything useful between 1 and 4 in the morning, which is when I’m usually awake, especially at this time of year when it’s too cold to get up unless I’m giving up entirely and getting dressed and on with the day.

Anyway, that’s more than enough of a dull subject. There was a sprinkling of snow last night, barely enough to look pretty, though it did make the day bright, especially when the sun came out. More is forecast, but who knows if it’ll reach here? The Met Office app on my phone, which has recently updated to give all sorts of gizmos, says that the temperature is -3°C … feels like -9°, it adds ominously. It also gives an amber warning of snow, whatever that means. Ah, read the full forecast. Significant accumulations of snow are likely, it says. Oh I say, jolly good. Sunday is the best day for that because most people can either go and frolic or hole up in the warm. The new forecast is impressively wordy actually, which suits me nicely. A picture doesn’t paint a thousand words for me, I’m not a very visual person. A thousand words paint a far more descriptive picture. Or music. Reading music is more than looking at the notes on a page.

5 comments on “Whoops

  1. Rog

    I hate the new Met Office app – I was the biggest fan of the previous version but they’ve made that common mistake of trying to be too clever. Takes one to know one, you may say…

  2. Z

    4″ here, but still frozen solid.

    Well, I was looking on the bright side. I did find fault with the previous one, largely that once you started forwarding through the forecast there was no way to pause it and it was hard to keep track of what was forecast when, but now it’s all too much detail, no way of catching the summary at a glance. I use the app that came inbuilt with the phone for that.

  3. Tim

    (Catching up.) I use The Guardian, Radio 4, BBC1 (6.30) and three online forecasts. They’re all different, enabling me to pick the best one.


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