4 Inches. But size doesn’t matter, innit?

Snow fell yesterday evening, but most of it arrived overnight, to give us all a lovely awakening.  Fortunately, it was overcast and cold all morning, so when I arrived home from church it hadn’t started to melt at all.  On my way home, I met the family coming down the drive, off for a walk, so I hurried back home to start building my own snowman.

It wasn’t perfect construction snow, because it clumped together but wasn’t easily shaped, suddenly breaking apart unexpectedly.  So my snowman is rather tall and thin.

And then I cleared the snow in front of the door and from the paving, and then I decided to construct a little dog outside the door.

I rather love it, wonky nose and all.

Then I went to join Al and Squiffany, who’d been sledging.  Pugsley had got cold and gone indoors by this time.

They had made snowmen while I was out.  Here they are.  As you’ll see from the light, I photographed them rather later in the day.

It’s been brilliant.

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