Ups and downs

Oops.  Sorry, I accidentally deleted that post.  Meant to reply to comments, clicked in wrong place, pressed wrong button.  Um.

Maybe it’s time to hit the bottle.  Pah, really darlings.

If anyone still has it in their feedreader (the non-post has updated to Google Reader), then if you send it to me i’ll repost.  Otherwise, I think that comes down as the first post I’ve ever deleted.  And there wasn’t even any hot gossip which would have been better unsaid.

15 comments on “Ups and downs

  1. Alienne

    I am so sorry about your bad news. But I too am hoping for snow (just a dusting though, not enough to cause chaos) because I really want to see how my puppy reacts to it!

  2. savannah

    catching up on my reading, sugar! backwards of course here, but, you are a darling woman and i loved the last paragraph. simple pleasures, traditional fun. xoxoxox

  3. Blue Witch

    A quick phone call…. someone I know used this place (they are in Martlesham, so maybe yo could take it in rather than pay to send it?) for a similar repair –

    Cost around £100, and took less than a week from sending to return, but that was just for the glass… if the touch screen has gone too it will be more.

    Apple wanted £289 for the similar repair and he wasn’t sure that he would get his own machine back (he said that different people he knew of had been quoted a lot of different prices and replacement times in Apple stores).

    *sent from my cheappo netbook with inbuilt screen protector* 😉

  4. 63mago

    Cold winter weather calls for hot cacao with buttered Brötchen (and a drop of Amaretto or such in it). There are self-help videos for repairing apple apparillos for the adventurous, but the apple people in the apple stores should know what to do. I am sorry for your friend, and hope the remaining time can be spent as good as possible.

  5. Z

    Thank you, BW. I’ve asked the Sage to get on to our insurance company in the first instance. I don’t suggest you chuck your netbook on the floor to see if it survives the impact. The iPad works fine, it’s only a cracked screen.

    No snow here since this morning, John, but good to know it’s on its way!

    Thank you too, Mago. The people in the Apple store are extremely helpful and I saw them replace a phone that had obviously met with an accident, they decided to call it faulty rather than ask questions.

  6. Blue Witch

    Would very strongly advise against claiming on insurance for such a low amount. It will push your premium up for the next 5 years (significantly more than you will get back on this claim, even if you don’t have an excess) – and you have to declare any claims on any insurance when taking out any other insurance these days. Just not worth it.

  7. Blue Witch

    And, if it’s only the glass screen, someone who knows a tiny bit about electronics will be able to replace it for you, if you can source the part on t’inter. Mr BW did the screen on my camera when I dropped that several years ago. The step-by-step post I did at the time is still one of my highest hit posts… there’s undoubtably umpteen YouTubes showing you how to replace an iPad glass as they’re not very durable.


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