Waxing gibbous moon

it’s 10pm and I’m sitting in Tim’s garden, enjoying the evening air. Although it’s still 25° it feels pleasant, neither warm nor cool.
Tomorrow will be a quiet day, or that’s the plan. We might venture down the Oxford Road to the Exotic Superstore but that’ll be the limit of our excursion, probably. We might do a bit of housework- it’s pretty dusty. I’ll wash my hair. That’s the summit of my ambition for the day. We bought a quiche for supper and I roasted some home-grown courgettes to go with it and we’ll finish them for lunch tomorrow.
We have little idea what to expect tomorrow night, which doesn’t matter. Just going with the flow (one way along the river, that is, against it the other way…). Our return taxi is booked for 11.15.
Even though it’s too hot to be outside in the middle of the day, I appreciate the heatwave. Really beats wishing the heating was on in the middle of July.
The moon was lovely but, by the time I thought to take a picture, a cloud was drifting over. So I hope you noticed it too. It’s the same moon for all of us, after all.

2 comments on “Waxing gibbous moon

  1. Blue Witch

    Yes, the Moon is magical at the moment – it’s glistening on the backs of the newly-shorn sheep and making them look quite ghostly.


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