An exceptionally wet July, wasn’t it? Record-breakingly so. June hadn’t been much better.

Yesterday, the Sage and I were putting in the last of the leek plants. He dibbled the holes, we poured in water, I had the plants ready. After a few minutes, we gave up. The soil was so dry that the hole would not stay open long enough to wet it. I had to put the sprinkler on for an hour or two before the job could be finished.

It’s a wonder anything grows here at all.

8 comments on “Water

  1. PI

    That’s incredible although I must admit I haven’t tested the soil here of late but as it looks a green wilderness I can’t believe it would be hard, Deluge again today!

  2. The Boy

    Are you sure you don’t live in South Surrey? The unplanted part of our veg patch look like a cracked desert landscape. Green and plesant land my…

  3. Z

    Hot and sunny here, Pat. I’m glad the Boy is here for corroboration – though he does have the excuse of living on a hill.

  4. martina

    Wow, I’d have thought everything would still be damp from all of that water. Guess you just have really good drainage in the garden beds. Your leeks sprung a leak?

  5. luckyzmom

    Here in Nevada (US) we’ve had the opposite problem. Lots of fires too, although those are slowing, probably because everyone is much more watchful and fires are snuffed out more quickly.


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