Hello, Babies!

Welcome to Samyuktha and Freya, who were both born last month and to Ab’s grandson, as yet unnamed, who was born in Norwich this morning.

Call me a sentimental old bat, but the joy of welcoming a baby never diminishes. Two more dear friends are expecting first babies next month – you are always in my thoughts, darlings.

7 comments on “Hello, Babies!

  1. Dave

    Wouldn’t ‘but not if’ make rather more sense than than ‘unless’?

    By the way, in the light of yesterday’s birthday thing, I know my profile may not be accurate about my age, but assuming yours is, then you are more than just a few days older than me (about 380 days, actually).

    Not that I’d dream of commenting on a lady’s age.

  2. Z

    oh bugger. I meant to put ‘don’t’

    370 days older? And there I was, thinking we were sort of contemporaries. Humble apologies, dear Dave.


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