The Sage and Z go out on a Date!

The Sage and I went to the first (to us) of this year’s Snape Prom concerts. Delightful it was. Not highbrow or heavy, but thoroughly enjoyable. Two Mozart Divertimenti and piano concerti by Haydn and Beethoven.

In the interval, we bumped into our friend Abe. He was on his way home from London to Southwold and had stopped off, economically of distance, to go to the concert. He is the image of President Lincoln except for a slightly less craggy visage and grey hair and beard.

The two Divertimenti were for strings only and the orchestra stood. One of the violinists wore, beneath her long black dress, the most fabulous black patent leather stilettos. I was vastly envious – though they would not have suited me. One would need long, slender feet, and mine are short and average, like the rest of me. Audacious to wear 3 or 4 inch heels while playing the violin, standing, on a public stage, and nicely understated to wear a long dress so that few people would notice.

I had a cup of coffee during the interval. I think it had been brewing a long time – it was strong and very bitter. I like strong black coffee, that feels as if the saliva is being sucked from your mouth, but this was too bitter even for me. I had to add both milk and sugar.

The Maltings is such a lovely setting. I wanted to take pictures to show you, but there were so many people about that I didn’t care to be stared at, for once. Another time, I’ll think of it before the concert.

During the interval (yes, it was a busy fifteen minutes, I get about when I have a mind to) I moved the car for a quick getaway. I find it mildly annoying that they keep the places nearest the entrance for those who come latest and send us who come for supper to the furthest reaches of the field. So I shift the car and make a quick getaway.

14 comments on “The Sage and Z go out on a Date!

  1. Z

    You may tease, Dandelion, but we don’t get out much together.

    And yes, I received a strong indication that he fancies me.

  2. martin

    People who move the car to make a quick exit in Fulham are called getaway drivers.
    They normally have stocking over their faces. Pleased that the date went well.
    Will there be another ?. Young love is so nice.

  3. Z

    I’m playing it cool, Martin. Doesn’t do to look too keen.

    If they sold stockings in packs of three, I might give it a try. But one stocking on the leg and the other on the face makes a girl’s suspender belt sit funny.

  4. The Boy

    What is it about being married and NOT doing the date thing so much? We’re the same, if its once a month we’re well organised.

    This weekend however, off to Glyndbourne, babysitter arranged, dinenr booked. Woohoo!

  5. Z

    Excellent, indeed, Badgerdaddy.

    We went to a party a few weeks ago, with Al and Dilly. I watched them chatting to each other and they were so animated and happy – a quiet evening in, however pleasant, isn’t quite the same.

  6. Z

    We all know the correct form and, not only do we clap at the end, but we wait until the conductor has dropped his hands and don’t rush in with our applause and risk spoiling the mood.

    On the other hand, we indulgently allow jazz musicians’ need for constant applause and clap each instrumentalist’s individual showpiece.

    It’d be a pity though, if people on their first visit to a classical concert were put off by criticism just because they didn’t know the ‘correct’ way to show their appreciation.


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